(August Newsletter)

2021 is poised to be one of the best years for Nigerian music yet as Wizkid and Tems’ “Essense” continues to break records on the Billboards 100 charts. Tems, the AUX alum is the first Nigerian woman in history to feature on the global charts and not to toot our own horns but we already predicted that everything she touches turns to gold when we first invited her for an AUX Session in 2019. Though we might not be psychic, what we lack in crystal balls, we make up for in dedication to give newcomers in the African music scene the recognition they deserve.

Last month we introduced you to the spicy lyrics of SGaWD with her unabashed performance of her AUX Sessions lead single, “WhorePhobia”. We followed that up with an AUX Cypher featuring Majesty Lyn and Yazzavelli who showed us that the women in Nigerian hip-hop are ready to shine in the limelight.   

For the month of August, we are continuing to showcase the Nigerian hip-hop community as Lagos-based rapper and producer, PapiGunzo stepped up to the AUX Sessions booth and delivered ‘Intermission’, a 3-track hip-hop tape. The project’s lead single, “Rigor Mortis” earned the Apple Music stamp of approval and featured on the New Africa playlist while other music enthusiasts were able to discover him through the billboard promotions for the project. 

2021 is a year bound to be defined by crossover stars and internet-bred artists aiming for the spotlight. From bedroom-produced artists to new major label signings, AUX is committed to providing new artists with a platform that gives them mainstream reach, exposes them to live events, international music tastemakers and local radio audiences.

AUX Radio was created to facilitate that as the radio show airs on CoolFM every Saturday and Sunday and gives insight on artists working their way into the mainstream. Gunzo’s AUX Radio show was hosted by The Radio Chef. It was special because it provided a rare look into his background, his multiple creative outlets, creative process, and the influences that have shaped him. Catch it on CoolFM at 2PM this weekend.

You can also watch PapiGunzo’s AUX Sessions on YouTube and stream the Intermission project on Apple music and other streaming platforms.